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Where to eat in Lisbon - Cantinho do Aziz

'Let's grab a lunch somewhere?'- 'Sure, I can already guess where'. For a long time that was what my friends would tell whenever I suggested eating out. I'd literally refused to step in to any other restaurant than Cantinho do Aziz until I tried everything from their menu. I can say now that I've eaten there so many times that I feel ready to move on and explore other restaurant. But because Cantinho is so close to my heart I feel it deserves some space on my blog, where I just share what I love.

Let's start with a location - Cantinho is situated in my favourite district in Lisbon - Mouraria. The lovely old houses with pictures of people who used to live there, a cute square with benches  perfect for contemplating, tiny alleys. Love, love, love.

Food - African. Cantinho do Aziz has been founded by a Mozambican man. You will find there cachupa, muamba, but also prawns with okra, samosa or cashew mousse. The vegan option is interesting, as you basically receive three huge dishes with rice, cabbage and curry with loads of African veggies. If anyone thinks vegan food can't get you fool, this meal will prove you wrong. They change a few dishes each month so it's always worth popping in and checking what's new.

My favourite menu would be: Meat samosa for a starter (watch out for the super spicy chili that it's served with; each time I feel brave to put some, my eye makeup suffers). Prawns with Okra, which are served in a coconut sauce with coconut rice on the side. Red house wine. And for the dessert cashew mousse. Everything would cost me around 15 EUR, which for Lisbon is quite a good price.

The thing I love most about this place is that it really feels like home. It has this amazing, homy touch. The decor is simple, there are some  pictures from Africa inside and outside, the food is like prepared by mum, the staff is cool (nice, but normal, not artificial like so many waiters are).

I would strongly recommend this place. It's in the centre, so very easy to get there. The best way is to arrive in Rossio and take one of the stairs leading to Mouraria. Open every day except for Sundays and holidays.

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