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Where to eat in Lisbon - Açaí 21

Almost a year has passed since I stepped my foot on the burning sand of Copacabana sand, drank coconut water out of a huge coconut and treated myself with Açaí. I miss Brasil a lot so when I spotted a place in Lisbon where I could get some Brasilian treats, I didn't hesitate for a second to pop in.

Açaí 21 is a relatively new place in Lisbon. As the name would suggest açaí bowl, so a typical dish from Brasil made out of frozen and mashed açaí fruit with different toppings such as banana, granola, strawberries is served there. I love it. It's so creamy, no added sugar, tasty and filling.

Apart from an açaí bowl, you have toasts, salad, sandwich, sweet snacks and an absolute must for everyone who passes by Açaí 21 - a soup. The soups are delicious. Creamy, perfectly seasoned, warm. Always, when I'm nearby I pop in for a soup. It's budget friendly too - around 1 eur. Every day - different soup.

Another thing you can't forget to at least taste are juices. Every day 3 different juices, fresh, from exotic fruits I can't even remember the names. They change the juices every 30 minutes so it's good when apart from the taste, you're looking for a Vitamin C in your drinks ;).

For me, an absolute must to try is a soup, açaí bowl, juice and chocolate cake (the best I've had in Lisbon).

All in all, good place. Fresh and healthy food, lovely people, good location (Baixa Chiado, R. dos Fanqueiros 180/02). Worth passing by.

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