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Where to eat in Baleal - República das Lagostas

I've already spent some time in Baleal and one thing I truly missed here was a good and an affordable seafood restaurant. When República das Lagostas got opened I was really curious and couldn't wait to check it out. Because it was new, I hoped the prices wouldn't be crazy (and they aren't). Also, it doesn't have a stunning view like all of the restaurants situated at the beach have. Instead, all you can admire are cars passing on the road or bars on the other side of the road. All of that could only mean one thing. If they wanted to succeed they really needed to be a place with excellent food. So I started my culinary adventure.

What kind of food can you find there?

Fish and seafood. Always fresh and most of the time locally caught. There are also some meat dishes. My friends say they are good, but I haven't tasted them as I simply can't say no to fish or seafood when I see it on the menu.


Seafood starters ranging from 6 EUR to 10 EUR. Fish around 18 EUR for one person. (the price changes every day depending on the price at the fish market and on the fish they have on offer). Main dishes (like codfish or risotto around 13 EUR), seafood plates much more.

Also, don't get put off by the name seafood starter. The portions are of decent size. I always have a seafood starter as a main meal. And if I feel particularly hungry I order baked potatoes or rice on the side.

What do I like most about República das Lagostas?

Delicious food, good prices, classy interior design. Everything adds up and make República das Lagostas one of my favourite places to eat in Portugal.

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