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Travel in Portugal - Obidos

Lisbon and Porto will be for sure the first to suggest if one thinks of travelling through Portugal. However, if someone has a little bit more time and wants to explore a little bit less popular Portugal, Obidos might be a good place to look at.

A lovely little village on the western central coast attracts more and more tourists who want to see what a life inside the castle looks like. Yep, you've read that right. The village is inside the castle, and people still live in it. What better way to have a little time travel than wandering through the maze of old houses dating back to the Middle Ages.

For those who are more into festivals, games and this kind of stuff, July will be the best month to pass by Obidos. For two weeks banners, heraldic flags, stalls with medieval style meals, knights and armed combats bring us even more into Medieval Times.

An absolute must to try - Ginjinha de Obidos. A Portuguese liqueur served in a shot form with a piece of fruit at the bottom of the cup.

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