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The best & cheapest hostel in Lagos

My recent trip to Lagos was a spontaneous one. I simply checked what hostels were available on Booking.com for the upcoming weekend and clicked "book" once I found out the price of the cheapest one. 7 eur for a bed in a dorm. You can't go wrong with it. Even if it was the ugliest place in the world, the point is to simply leave your stuff and explore the city and beaches. To my surprise, it turned out that not only was the hostel cheap but also cute and the stuff was lovely. So here I am, recommending you a place to stay in Lagos - Hostel The White Butterfly.

As I've mentioned, super cheap (at least in the winter season, for sure in the summer the prices will go slightly up) - a bed in a dorm just 7 eur. What matters a lot to me, they have a female only and men only dorm (huge thanks to the stuff that figured out I'm a woman and probably I picked a bed in the male dorm by mistake). Each room has its own bathroom which is super important to me. So no more sharing a bathroom with too many people and waiting in the corridor for your turn.

The part I enjoyed the most was the terrace. Full of greenery, perfect for having a breakfast. Speaking of breakfast, the hostel doesn't provide it so you need to make sure you have your own food. In the morning there's just coffee.

The location could be a huge plus but also a big disadvantage. The hostel is situated 10 min walk from the bus station, in the centre, close to all bars and clubs. So if you intend to go out at night, then it's perfect. I tried to rest and sleep and the noise was insane, even though it was winter. If you intend to visit Lagos in the summer, it only gonna be worse.

All in all, lovely place and super cheap. I would strongly recommend it and for sure, next time I pass by Lagos, I'm will stay at the Hostel White Butterfly.


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