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Singapore – vegan food guide

Singapore is definitely my favourite destination for vegan food. You've got Chinese, Malay, Indian food as well as international cuisine. From top restaurants to hawker centres, you're sure to find delicious food. I'm a huge fan of Chinese vegan soups (all the herbal soups with mock meat, I just can't stop thinking about them!) so when I was planning my stay in Singapore I researched all the places as well as talked to local so that I could taste the best food. Here are my top choices.

Hawker centres

As an intro, for those who not familiar hawker centres, they are open-air complex housing stalls selling inexpensive food. They were created to provide a more sanitary option to street food. There are tables and chairs for customers and the places are clean. You can find truly delicious food (simply delicious, not delicious for the price) and I'd like to encourage you to try some of them. Here are my favourite hawker centres.

Red Hill Food Centre, 85 Redhill Ln, Singapur 150085

It's situated in a residential area so it's unlikely to meet other tourists. That's why if you show up, you'll raise the interest of locals and surely make a lot of new friends. One of the reasons I loved hawker centres was because they were a great way to mingle with locals. Red Hill Food centre was my choice for breakfasts. I always ate in a green stall (no name) 01 – 96. They have a buffet but also daily specials and I would always go for them. My favourite one was a fish soup served on Thursday and a chicken soup that I had on Saturday. The owner is super kind. If you still have some space in your stomach after breakfast you could try a carrot cake. It's made out of radish, which Chinese view as a carrot too. You'll notice carrot cake served in many places in Singapore but not in all of the places it is as it should be (sometimes it wouldn't have a carrot but only flour!). So if you want to see what a real one tastes like, definitely this stall is the right place to try it.

The most delicious "fish"soup

"Seafood" porridge

Carrot cake

My favourite "chicken" soup and "chicken" & rice

Another thing worth trying is soya milk and beancurd. Beancurd is a soya pudding. I'm not the biggest fan of that but I recommend you try it out. Maybe you'll like it! I'm obsessed with soya milk they have there. I ask them to add a little bit of sweetener (standard is a lot of sweeteners) and it's just so delicious. I always have it with my breakfast, lunch, dinner. Anytime! There are two stalls in Red Hill Food Centre where you can get it. I can't remember the name, but if you walk a bit you'll find them. The centre is not big anyway.

Circuit Road Food Centre, 79A Circuit Rd, Singapore 370080 (don't confuse with Circuit Road Market and Food Centre).

This is my favourite place for lunch and dinner. There are around 20 stalls that sell vegetarian food but I always go to these three:

Jeun VirtueFarm, 01 – 84

I think this is my favourite stall out of all the stalls in hawker centre (if not my favourite food place in Singapore). They serve the most delicious herbal Chinese soups that are full of flavour and with good ingredients. The soups are served with rice which is tasty too (and I don't like rice but I tend to eat up their rice). Depending on the day and time of coming you have a couple of soups to choose from. There are pictures there to help you decide. Sometimes they have braised mutton and if they have it, I strongly encourage you to order it. It's only 2,5 $ but it's soooooo delicious. They make it out of mushrooms and even though it is mock meat it's so much easier for your body to digest (at least I never get a stomach ache after). They open around 12 and close around 8 pm.

Yummy Chinese herbal soup & rice & braised mutton

iVege, 01 – 82

They only open in the afternoon, around 6pm and close at 8pm. Food is so delicious that often disappears before the closing time! Every day there is a different dish. I've had vegan chicken there and it was the most delicious thing I ever had. The owner of the stall is the wife of the owner of Jeun VirtueFarm. Once I learn that I knew that I was going to have food there too. It must be delicious and it was! The price is around 4-5 $.

The best vegan "chicken" I had

Victor Veggie, 01 – 92

They have the most delicious vegan satays. They are made out of soya and served with peanut butter sauce. I'm obsessed. They open during a day and close at 8 pm but don't wait till late to have food there. Satays often disappear much earlier! I once went for dinner around 6pm and they already run out of them! Instead, I had Otah Otah which is delicious too. My advice would be to arrive earlier to try satays (you need to order 10 of them at least) and at least one Otah Otah to see if you're gonna like it. I loved it!

Insanely good vegan satays with peanut sauce


I was spending so much time in hawker centres that I only tried two vegetarian restaurants in Singapore. They served incredible food so I'm happy to recommend them to you.

Miao Yi, level 2 in People's Park Centre, Chinatown.

Apparently, this is the best Chinese Vegetarian restaurant in Singapore. Some of the dishes are vegan, some vegetarian but it's all written in the menu, so don't worry that you accidentally get some dairy. It is a bit pricey, one small dish is around 15-20 $ but it's so worth it. I had there a herbal Chinese soup and "prawns" salad. The soup was too herbal for me but the salad was just insane. The prawns were soooo good that I could easily come back just for this salad. I always look around and see what others have and the food really looks delicious. The restaurant is quite elegant and you'll see a lot of families and couples there.

Chinese herbal soup and the most delicious "prawn" salad

Herbivore Fortune Centre, 190 Middle Rd, #12-03 Fortune Centre, 188979

It's a very elegant Japanese restaurant serving vegetarian and vegan food (the menu says which dishes contain dairy). It's certainly the best Japanese vegan food I ever had. If you've never had vegan sushi, this is the place to try it! The prices are a bit high but if you're going for a bento box, it's pretty okay. I had a miso soup, vegan fish curry and a dessert and it was 18$. Everything I had there was delicious so I'm sure whatever you choose, you'll be happy.


"fish" curry & miso soup & jelly & salad

"Tuna" temaki

Tracey Juice Culture

It's not a restaurant, but since it's in Fortune Centre, I thought I would mention that too. It is more of a juice bar, however, they serve some food too. The best is the Udon soup. It's super creamy mushroom soups with mutton and tomatoes and broccoli. I'm obsessed. It goes with udon noodles but they are added to the soup (not cooked with the soup) so if you're gluten-free, just ask for soup without noodles. I did and there was no problem. This soup and the soup from Jeun Virtue Farm are certainly my 2 favourite dishes from Singapore. Also, try one of their juices too. I had a creamy beetroot one and it was delicious (yes, beetroot juice can be tasty!). It was creamy from the oat milk and carrots, apples and pineapple break the strong flavour of a beetroot. I love it!

Wild Rice Congee

The best mushroom udon soup (mine without udon noodles) and creamy beetroot juice

Mr Bean

This is a cool place. Mr Bean is a chain store of shops that serve desserts made out of soya bean. If you feel like having something sweet but can't find any hawker centre nearby check if there is Mr Bean nearby!


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