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RDA - vegan food and more!

Being vegan in Lisbon is challenging if one wants to eat out. Very few options (although it is slowly changing), usually much more expensive than meat/fish dishes that you can find everywhere (which doesn't make sense as when I go to a grocery I see the prices for veggies are much lower than for meat/fish) and not always good enough that I would be willing to pay someone for preparing that.

RDA (Regueirão dos Anjos) is a place definitely worth recommending to vegan, vegetarian but also to meat eaters. Lovely food for really low prices (2.50 EUR for a main dish, 0.50 EUR for a soup). On Sundays they always have pizza, and again you can choose between a vegan, vegetarian or a meat version. Awesome value for money. The change menu every day  so it's always a nice surprise, what will be on for dinner.

One thing definitely worth mentioning and which is something they stress a lot is that "they are not a restaurant". So for instance once you've eaten you clean your plate. Also, you make sure that you leave a place where you ate clean and ready for other people to use.

RDA is a place where people gather to make cool stuff. They make awesome food that everyone can afford, they organize film screenings, gigs, workshops, yoga classes. There's also a workshop when you can get a second hand bike very cheaply too. The atmosphere is relaxed, people are very open and friendly. A perfect place to meet up on Sunday and chill before Monday that most people dread.

It's not the easiest to find (Rua Regueirão dos Anjos 69), but definitely worth it. They open quite late, at 8pm, on Sundays you can get food around 5pm or 6 pm. Definitely check out their FB page (here) where they post what they're up to.

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