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National Azulejo Museum - a must

I've never liked museums. I know, not the best thing to say out loud but that's the truth. As a child I would find them simply boring, as an adult pretty much the same. And of course, I am aware that museums are important and they can teach you a lot about a history and culture, and it's important for our self-development to visit them now and then. But what can I say, I just don't enjoy them. Or probably I should say - I used to not enjoy them.

As after this long introduction, I can say that today I wanted to recommend you a museum. National Azulejo Museum in Lisbon. A museum of azulejos, beautiful tiles that are first that come to my mind whenever I think about architecture in Lisbon. First museum that I fully enjoyed. First museum that set me in such a positive mood that I wasn't even sad that Monday was approaching.

The musem is a small, three storey building with a beautiful garden and a cafe. Because it's so small I feel that one hour is absolutely enough to go on a journey through history of tiles in Lisbon. Hence, it's landing on my things to do in Lisbon list, even if you're just spending one day there.

And as to some of you visiting a museum of tiles may seem quite random, I assure it's not. Azulejos chronicle major historical and cultural events in Portuguese history so not only do they look nice but they are an important source of information about the past. Thanks to them you can see what Lisbon looked like before the great earthquake in XVIII century. I feel I could sit here and talk and talk how beautiful the museum is but I find the best is just to put some pictures. They speak for themselves.

One last thing I want to mention is the amazing cafe, where you can also have lunch. Food is awesome, I've eaten there the best bacalhau (codfish) in my life. And the prices are not crazy at all (I paid for my meal 9.50 EUR) and you can eat in a beautiful garden which is always nice.

The entrance is 5 EUR, but as is the case with most of the museums and monuments in Lisbon, the first Sunday of the month the entrance is for free.

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