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FREEPORT - an outlet close to Lisbon

Lisbon and clothes shopping? Yes.

Designer shops? Definitely Avenida da Liberdade.

Chain stores? Probably Baixa Chiado. (A tip, if you like Zara, Bershka, Mango definitely check out stores in Portugal and Spain, as they have lower prices than in other countries).

Best deals? Freeport. Freeport. Freeport. Discounts up to 80%. No joke.

How to get there?

Very easy, no need for a car. You've got a few buses leaving from Lisbon - Oriente (431,432,437). Or you've got a Freeport Outlet Shuttle bus that you can take either from Martim Moniz (Hotel Mundial) or Marques de Pombal. Be aware that if you take a shuttle at 10 am you need to take a shuttle back to Lisbon at 4.30 pm. Same, if you take a shuttle at 1 pm then you need to come back at 7pm. It means, obligatory at least 6 hours in the outlet. For some too much, for others probably not enough ;). Luckily, there are other attractions for those who feel a bit overwhelmed by a mere thought of spending a whole day on shopping. Lots of restaurants plus free WIFI.

The biggest advantage of taking the shuttle is 10% discount coupon that you can use in most of the shops.

Okay, so let's talk about the most interesting stuff here. Shops. The whole list you can see here. You've got luxury stores, like Burberry, Armani, Calvin Klein etc.. (Burberry is awesome there!) but there are also chain stores like Mango, Stradivarius or Lefties. 6 hours is definitely enough to browse through most of the stores or even all of them. I did that the first time I went to Freeport and am super happy about it. So many brands have said "hello" to my wardrobe.

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