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Food market in Peniche

My first days in Baleal were a bit confusing in terms of food. There are only two groceries in Baleal with little choice and ridiculous prices (yep, far too high). Ferrel, which is a village close by, is not much better. The only choice that is left is Peniche. Quite painful if you're not a car owner. And yet, the advice I would most often get would be to shop in Continente as it's the cheapest. It may be the truth, but I was used to shop at food markets, where I could get fresh veggies and fruits directly from farmers. I'm definitely not the biggest fan of supermarkets.

Since Peniche used to be an important fishing harbour, and its economy still relies largely on agriculture, I was sure that their must be a place where local farmers could sell their goods. And there is - Mercado Municipal Peniche.

It is open every day, except for Mondays but I would strongly advise to drop by on Saturdays. Far more food stalls than on other other days, better food selection (stalls with nuts, seeds), better prices but also hectic and a bit crazy.

For me, food market in Peniche was the best for getting nuts & seeds and of course favas, which for me is just the best food in the world. But if you're a fan of cheese or want to try out some products from Azores, you won't be disappointed either. And of course, how I could have forgotten - fish. Probably the best place to shop for fish. Fresh fish every day. There's just no fishing on Sunday (the last boat arrives on Saturday night), so that's why the market is closed on Mondays.

Also, the best time to go the the market are morning hours. Everything closed at 2 pm. I would strongly recommend this place to everyone. Fresh food, good prices, supporting local farmers, amazing food variety.

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