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FMM Sines - a world music festival

Summer comes, the music festivals flourish. And Portugal is no exception here. A lot to choose from. This year I've been to FMM Sines - Festival Músicas do Mundo. If you're up for an adventure and loads of good, not so popular though, music, you're might want to check it out.

The festival takes place in a lovely coastal town in Alentejo - Sines, which is where Vasco da Gama was born. The town itself is so cute. Loads of small restaurants with delicious coastal food. The beach is sweet and the view from the castle pretty amazing.

As the festival's name would suggest, it's all about the world music. So you will hear there anything ranging from jazz, folk, urban, alternative or traditional roots music. The line-up,  to no surprise, was wonderful. Just to name a few from this year's edition: Batida (appearing together with Konono No1), Pat Thomas, Paulo Flores.

Most of the artists were new to me so that's a huge plus. If you ever feel that you get slowly bored with what you listen to but Spotify just shows you similar artists, checking out line-up at FMM SInes might be a good idea. I've discovered a lot of artists, whom probably I wouldn't come across. A big surprise was for me Imed Alibi (Tunisia/France) or Speed Caravan (Algeria, France, Senegal). Their music had this North African vibe which I became so fond of.

Pricewise, I feel FMM Sines is quite good. The tickets are around 10/15 EUR per day, the last two days are more expensive - 15 & 20 EUR). There's also an option to buy for a few days, which is of course much cheaper. For those who do not feel like spending money on tickets, there's good news too. The gigs that take place at the Vasco da Gama beach are totally free.

Sines is definitely a place where people form one great family. It's so easy to meet new folks, most of them camp or sleep at the beach. The food is awesome, lot's of stalls with vegan, vegetarian, Indian, Brasilian, Portugues, African food. You won't be hungry or complain about the lack of choice (perhaps the opposite ;) ).

FMM Sines is awesome and I would recommend it strongly. Just be prepare for a party till the dawn, crowds, legs saying "no more, please" and you're gonna be all good.

For more details check out FMM Sines website.

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