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Festa de Lisboa! - St. Anthony's day

Sardines, Caldo verde (cabbage soup), pork sandwiches, sangria and more... Everything in the street. Along with music and dance. Until the dawn, when people get home only to wake up in the afternoon to continue the party.

June seems like that. The city is decorated, the food stands are everywhere. Good luck with finding a quiet place in the centre of Lisbon. Alfama, Mouraria, Bica, Graça - they all have stages in streets where singers set you in a really dancing mood with their music. Some people decide to make their own party and simply start playing their own music in a street while making a barbecue and sipping sangria.

The biggest party is on the night of 12th/13th of June though, when it's St. Anthony's day. (St. Anthony is treated as a true patron of Lisbon). The great parade starts in the top of the Marques de Pombal square, goes down main street of Avenida da Liberdade just to finish in Rossio Plaza. Different neighborhoods of Lisbon have their own representation choosing each year a different theme for their costumes and competing with each other.

Lisbon is insane that night. Wherever you go, there are crowds. The biggest are in Alfama and Bica. Moving from one place to another is challenging, finding your friends even more. But it's great fun. If you are planning to be in Portugal that night, definitely go and experience Santos in Lisboa.

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