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Croissants in Lisbon? - Fabrica Lisboa

I love croissants. I remember old days back in Warsaw when I set myself on a mission to find the best almond croissants in town and I did. I had something to crave for and one day a week to treat myself.

Craving things is good. Satisfying cravings is even better. So when I moved to Lisbon I set myself on the same mission as the one in Warsaw. Took me a while but finally I have a place to recommend if one wants a good croissant - Fábrica Lisboa.

A lovely coffee/breakfast/lunch place in the centre of Lisbon - Rua Madalena 121. I discovered this place by accident while wandering in Lisbon in search of a nice cafe where I could work and, given I get hungry so frequently,  eat something too.

So talking about the food. Amazing croissants, made in Fabrica, lovely breakfasts (scrambled eggs, toasts, sandwiches), soups, lovely drinks (homemade lemonade is the best, especially for boiling hot summer in Lisbon). Affordable. Cool design, nice music. Good location. Lovely people. For me it is a perfect place when I want to go outside the house and work and eat something while not spending too much money. The only downside is the size of tables. If you want to meet with a friend and co-work it may be a bit uncomfortable (in the end the tables are designed to sit with a coffee and food not two laptops and other gadgets ;) ).

Absolutely love this place. Recommend it strongly. The biggest plus - it's open on Sundays (most of the cool places, or at least places I go, are closed on Sundays).

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