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Best hostel in Kuala Lumpur - Mingle Hostel

I've been many times in Kuala Lumpur and one of the reasons why I keep coming back to this city is a hostel where I always stay. Travelling solo for an extended period can start feeling lonely. To deal with these feelings I would try to stay in the same hostels, go to my favourite cafes or restaurants, make friends that I would visit. Mingle Hostel has been a place where as a solo traveller I didn't feel lonely at all. I've stayed there so many times that I thought that they deserve a huge shoutout and a more detailed review.

A terrace that turns at night in a bar. I used to have my breakfast there

Since recently there are actually two Mingle Hostels in Kuala Lumpur, one in China Town (I always stay there) and another one close to Masjid Jamek, 10 min walk from China Town. The location is perfect as you can walk to pretty much anywhere you want to (if the heat doesn't bother you) and in my opinion, these districts are safe (at least I felt safe).

Both Mingle Hostels are housed in old, restored buildings. They're definitely the most beautiful hostels I ever stayed at. Not sure about the Highstreet one but China Town Mingle has a kitchen where you can cook as well as a coworking space. I used it all the time. I can handle eating out for a few days but sooner or later my body craves something healthy and full of vegetables so a place where I can cook is essential for me.

Coworking as well as dining space. WiFi is great!

I also loved a beautiful terrace and a rooftop. These areas turn to be a bar at night where you can have a drink or eat something. Since I'm more of an early bird and tend to go to bed early, I used this space for yoga. The view was perfect and I was sure that no one would disturb me.

This is were I would do my sunrise yoga. The mat is mine :)

The bar during a day. It turns into a cosy space with candles and nice music where you can enjoy some drinks and food

Mingle HighStreet Hostel has a swimming pool which I think is just the coolest thing ever. As a Mingle guest, you are allowed to use the pool free of charge (even if you stay in Chinatown). I love swimming, it's just the best way for me to relax. I'm an active person but when I'm in a hot city like Kuala Lumpur I become the laziest, basically, I stay in air-con places so my room and shopping malls. Since I discovered that I could use this incredible pool I came back to being active and felt myself again.

For me, the staff is as important if not than the building. People at Mingle hostel are just the kindest. They're so helpful, so positive and warm and make me want to come back to their hostel always. If you're a solo traveller, it may be worth mentioning that Mingle Hostels are great for meeting other people. There are various activities organized each day that you can join (most of them are free of charge). I did a self-defence class for women where I met incredible girls that I still stay in touch with. There are one-day trips, dinners, night market tours, yoga classes. There's always something new on the board and I really liked it. Sometimes it's really difficult to meet people and make friends even if you stay in a shared room. These activities where you bond with fellow travellers are definitely a good idea!

When it comes to price, you can definitely find cheaper accommodation in Kuala Lumpur. Whether as good as this one, I don't know. All I can say is that it's a very comfortable, safe and beautiful place with the warmest people. All rooms have air-con, huge lockers, the breakfast is huge (although plant-based will struggle).

Would you like to stay in Mingle Hostel?


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