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Beauty shopping - SkinLife

I love beauty shopping. Exploring new brands even more. The less they are known, the better I'm gonna like them. The harder they are to get, the more I search them for. Also, it's nice where the place they are available at is a cosy, little boutique where the staff is ready to help but not overwhelming with their readiness (if you know what I mean). And where I don't feel anonymous (I know, many people shop; it's hard to remember everyone's face, preferences, life stories etc, but well - I'm just being honest. I like feeling special, even during such an ordinary activity as shopping).

So that's just a short description of my perfect shop. And I am lucky enough to have found such a place in Lisbon, in Baixa Chiado. SkinLife.

Pai, Diptyque, By Terry, RMS, COOLA (my favourite suncare brand), Lebon (my favourite toothpaste), Rodial are just some of the brands you will find there. You can check out a whole list here.

Apart from a lovely chat, advice about products you can also have your make up done there (that's yet for me to try but have seen effects on other people - beautiful). The interior is gorgeous, candles always lit creating perfect Hygge atmosphere. I absolutely love this place. Whenever I'm nearby I pass by and see what's new, get some samples etc. Always leave this place in a good mood.

So if you ever around Baixa Chiado metro station (and I'm sure at some point all of you will be) just have a look. Looking at beautiful places brings joy too ;).

Address - Rua Paiva de Andrade 4-4a.

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