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Algarve in the winter?

Lagos (Algarve, Portugal) is not the most obvious destination in the winter. I've had a quick trip there recently and the town was almost deserted. Half of restaurants and shops closed with a note that will open in April again.  I'm not saying that surprised me. I was in Lagos in June and I was told, the high season is May - October, for the rest of the year the place is empty. And quiet. To be honest, this was exactly what I wanted for my getaway weekend. There's something about the beach in the winter that lures me in. And the less people I can share it with, the better. So I hopped on a bus and arrived, in a sunny and warm Lagos.

The first challenge was to find a cute cafe/bar where I could work from. Bora Cafe was a place I took too immediately. Lovely design, very comfy chairs, good Internet and delicious natural juices that are perfect to start your day. Hot water bottles available if you start feeling chilly. The place is lovely for breakfast but also for a night drink.

When it comes to nightlife, I guess you won't be bored even during the winter. Although Lagos seemed to be deserted during a day, the streets at nights were full and so were the bars. So if you want to have some fun at night, you won't be alone.

What I liked most about my weekend in Lagos, was a trip to Sagres. I've heard so many great things about the village, how I would fall in love with it, how beautiful it is etc. So I wanted to check it myself. It's only 40 min by bus from Lagos. The ticket is around 4 eur.

Sagres is definitely a peaceful place. Lovely beach, very good for surfing and simply chilling, beautiful cliffs. In the winter not many restaurants/bars to choose from. When I arrived, only one of them was open. An absolute must is a trip to Cabo de São Vicente which is the southwesternmost point in Portugal. It is a landmark for a ship traveling to or from the Mediterranean. 

It's very easy to get to Cabo de São Vicente even if you don't have a car. On weekdays you can take a bus from Sagres or directly from Lagos. Weekends are more complicated as there are no buses. If the weather is nice you can simply walk there, it's only 6 km walk from Sagres and the route is sooo beautiful. Have a try!


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