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Album of the month - Ingombota

Being a digital nomad can get lonely at times. And music is definitely something that helps when you are stuck at home or cafe and have no colleagues around that could distract you.

It was when I started working remotely I got more into music and had more fun in discovering new albums and artists (thanks Spotify for you amazing Discovery playlists that most of the time get it right!). Moving to Lisbon helped too. Most of the artists I discovered here are on my staple playlist now. I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the albums/artists that I absolutely love in case you share my taste in music.

Toty Sa'Med and his album "Ingombota". Discovered him accidentally. He performed in ZDB (www.zedosbois.org).   which is one of my favourite places in Lisbon, and definitely my favourite place in Bairro Alto. They organize lots of cool events there, like exhibitions, film screenings, live music. So because of that I am subscribed to all the events they create on Facebook and when I saw Toty Sa'Med's was going to play there I thought it could be cool to go. When I listened to Ingombota I couldn't wait to see him live.

The Ingombota album is available on Spotify. There are only 6 songs but each of them is just so true, so simple and so beautiful in its simplicity. Amazing voice that is so calming to listen to. Hoola Hoop has now become the song that I can't imagine my first hour after waking up without.

I strongly recommend going and seeing him live too, if you get a chance. His performance in ZDB was amazing. He is definitely one of the most charismatic people on stage I've ever seen.

Beautiful voice, beautiful guitar, great guests (was lucky to see him playing with Aline Frazao and Paulo Flores).

If you're up for some quality time definitely go and check out his music.

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