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Active holidays in Santo Antao

Santo Antao is a huge island so one may ask how you can enjoy it, what's there to do? Well, the island is famous for hiking but there's so much more to do. Active holidays enthusiasts can rest assured.


I'll start with the obvious. I've put up a whole article about my favourite hiking trails. You can't go to Santo Antao and not do a hike, at least one. There are different levels, those very fit will be satisfied as well as those less experienced. If you want to book a hiking trip, I couldn't recommend more Claudio Fernandez, who was a manager of a guesthouse I stayed at and who is also a guide. He'll listen to you and choose you the best trails. If you don't feel like hiking on your own, you can book a tour with him. Lots of fun is guaranteed!

Mountain biking

That's not something I'm into, nor have I heard Santo Antao be famous for it. However, after getting to know the island a little bit and thinking of who else this island might be good for, I thought that mountain biking lovers should be pleased. I've got a lot of friends who travel to places with the goal of riding a bike there and I thought that Santo Antao would be a perfect place for them.

And I wasn't wrong. Again, Claudio was my source of knowledge. He enjoys mountain biking and had a lot to tell about the best places to ride a bike. If you'd like to know more, he is your guy. It's best to ask for advice a local if you plan on riding a bike in Santo Antao. Some trails are easier, other more difficult or more dangerous. And keep in my mind the weather. Because when it rains, it really does :D !. I've got a lot of friends who choose travel destinations depending on conditions for riding a bike and I thought that Santo Antao would be a perfect place for them. This sport is not that popular there yet so definitely you wouldn't be complaining about the crowds.


Oh, I wish I had gone diving. I think next time I come back I'll definitely do it. It is a bit pricey though, which is why I eventually resisted. If you're happy to part with the money, you may see turtles (I saw them from the distance!), whales and lots of beautiful fishes. A friend of mine who goes dives a lot was very pleased with the experience. And according to her, it was worth the money. May to August may be the best month to dive as the water is the warmest. There are two schools that you do diving tours: Blue Eden Dive Center in Porto Novo and Santo Antao Scuba Diving in Tarrafal.


There are some sweet spots for surfing and bodysurfing. A friend of mine who lives in the nearby island (Sao Vicente) goes to Santo Antao quite often and manages to catch some nice waves. If you're looking for some hidden spots, get in touch with Surfaris Cabo Verde Agency. Surfing hasn't been so popular in Santo Antao yet so you may not need to share some sweet spots with others :).

Picture taken by Jason Mascarenhas

If you are more into a chilled travel and this article has put you off from going to Santo Antao, don't worry! This beautiful island has a lot to offer for those who don't fancy being active on holidays. Next article will cover it!

How do you like spending your active holidays?

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