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2 days in Faro

Algarve was the first region in Portugal that I visited.Still a student, desperate to learn to surf, I found a Polish surf camp in Lagos and went there for a week. At that time I was not much interested in sightseeing and visiting places that were close by. Waves were all I cared about.

Things have changed once I moved to Portugal. I decided to explore more.

A trip to Faro happened unexpectedly. I was searching for cheap flights from London to Portugal and it turned out flights to Faro were much cheaper than flights to Lisbon. So I decided to fly to the south of Portugal and spend there 2 days.

Here's a tip to everyone who wants to get to Portugal and has better ideas to spend money on than on flights. Check out Faro.

Faro is a lovely, coastal town situated in Algarve, south of Portugal. It's really small so I believe 2 days is enough to explore it.

There's always one answer I give whenever I get asked, what to do in a new place. Get lost, find yourself, again get lost, discover new alleys, new places, look at houses, rest in a hidden cafe, experience a new place. Faro is perfect for that, especially the old town part.

When you reach a point when you start getting bored with just walking around and would like to do something fun or at least different, I would recommend taking a trip around Ria Formosa Natural Park.

You will find lots of stands where people sell this kind of boat trips. You've got different options, depending on how many islands you want to visit, or if you fancy keeping dolphins company during their breakfast.

These trips are guided and depending on which one you choose take you to up to 4 islands. The islands are perfect to chill, but the tours are exceptional too. You get to see amazing water lagoons, mud flats which are home to incredible wildlife. Also, you are brought to a point where you can walk to the very south point of Portugal. Do I need to mention that the view is


When talking about Faro, I can't forget mentioning the obvious - the beach. Faro beach is super close to the city centre. I am not a huge beach person (unless I can surf there) so it's not something I will dwell on here. Just a one thing worth mentioning - you can spot flamingos there. So if bird watching is something you're fond of, you might want to check out Faro beach.

Some useful information

Where to stay?

Lots of hostels and hotels. Super easy to find a bed in a dorm for 10 EUR.

How to get from the airport?

Public transit or taxi. It takes around 20-30 min by bus to get to the centre of Faro. Taxi would be around 7-8 EUR (at least that's how much I paid).

What to eat?

As in any Portuguese city, fish lovers and generally fans of Portuguese cuisine are good. I saw lots of sushi places too. You'll also find some Indian food (loved the lentil soup!), a  Brazilian restaurant  (in case you were searching for açaí or feijoada) and a few vegan places (were okay, nothing I would get impressed with).

How to get from Faro to Lisbon?

By bus. The bust station is in the centre of Faro. It takes around 3-4 hours to get to Lisbon.

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